Front end

Today we were going to be taking out the transmission but first we needed to get the rest of the front end of the car off. So we first started to take off the bumper. To do that we needed to unscrew some bolt that were in the frame. It was kinda difficult but we got it, then did the same thing to the other side. and we took that down stair. As easy as that sounded it took a while because the bolt trapped the extension we had on it inside the frame. We tried to get it out for a while but it wouldn’t budge. Then we got the right side headlight bucket out. Next we got all of the trim pieces off. (A few days before this we got the grill and radiator out just if your wondering) then we also got the stone deflector off.

Next we took off the front left fender. All we had to do was unscrew the bolts on top of it and then kinda move it around to find out were else it was screwed in so we could unscrew that to. then we were able to just pull it off. then we took that downstairs to my basement as well. the we got the splash guard off and then called it a day.  We will hopefully be working on getting the transmission and rest of the front off.

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